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We believe the environment is in poor shape, due to unsustainable use of our planet’s natural resources. We believe we can change human behavior by raising awareness in children, influencing also their parents. We believe we can harness the powerful mechanisms of games to have children discover the impact of their actions on the environment.


Educational games and gamified education

img Perfect Earth Explorer Perfect Earth Explorer is a card game for 2-3 players. Players grow a Rainforest and discover interesting facts about wildlife. Available in English and Dutch.

img Perfect Earth Animals Perfect Earth Animals is a mobile game via which players collect virtual animal cards in national parks. We are looking for international partners.

img Perfect Earth EDU Perfect Earth EDU is an online learning environment for Dutch primary schools, featuring engaging nature & climate education.

img Perfect Earth Challenge Perfect Earth Challenge is a mobile puzzle game we are working on. It engages children in problem solving and discovery of interesting facts on wildlife.


Meet the people behind Perfect Earth

Suzanne Bader

Advisor & Writer

Suzanne has been an Advisor to Perfect Earth from day one and is the author of a considerable part of Perfect Earth's educational content.


Christian Batist


Christian founded Perfect Earth in 2012, after two years of research on how he could best put to practice his knowledge and expertise from the media and games industries for a better world.


Perfect Earth's educational platform for primary schools

Perfect Earth EDU

Online Learning Environment

Contact us for information on how your primary school can take advantage of our engaging learning environment. Kids rate it with a 9.4 out of 10!

Visit www.PerfectEarthEDU.com for more information (in Dutch only).

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