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Simple interfaces are easy to use and focus on device speed, and your user experience and device interaction.


We have some awesome features for you

img Mobile Ready Pixel perfect designs are what we care about. Quality above all!

img PhoneGap & Cordova Designed for use as a site template, built in mind for app developers!

img Elite Quality We belive in quality, we became elite because of it! It's priceless!

img Easy, just add water! Things made as easy as possible! We want you not to stress it!

Meet our Team!

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Suzanne Bader

Advisor & Writer

Suzanne has been an Advisor to Perfect Earth from day one and is the author of a considerable part of Perfect Earth's educational content.


Christian Batist


Christian founded Perfect Earth in 2012, after two years of research on how he could best put to practice his knowledge and expertise from the media and games industries for a better world.

Featured Project

Out latest thing we brag about!


Mobile and Tablet Template

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What we've built

Products built by us!

You can’t really isolate your work in just a few items from a single cateogry, so we’ve built a filterable gallery and a filterable portfolio just for these situations.

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